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SuperConnected Devauden - meeting to be held on 17th December 2014

Spectrum Internet are hosting a meeting at Devauden Village Hall on Wednesday 17th December to explain the SuperConnected Cities scheme to local businesses and residents and to gauge the level of interest in our community.  The meeting will start at 4:30pm and will last for about one hour.

Representatives from BiGDiG and Spectrum Internet will be on-hand to answer any questions that you may have.

If you are interested in SuperConnected program but are unable to attend the meeting on 17th December then please send an email to

SuperConnected Cities Programme - 16 October 2014

Businesses in Devauden may soon be able to benefit from a FTPP broadband service as a result of the Government's SuperConnected Cities Programme.  Find out more about this scheme on our SuperConnected Cities Programme Page.

BiGDiG is still working for faster broadband in the Devauden area - 9 October 2014

Celebrating our success

BiGDiG was successful in bringing superfast broadband to Devauden in March 2013 and, as a result, over 100 households are now receiving an improved internet service.

 The BiGDiG team has continued to work with Spectrum Internet to extend the coverage to other parts of our community.  For example, a wireless system that enables properties in The Cot to be connected was installed during Autumn 2013 and this has now been providing a reliable service for a year.  

There is still work to do...

Despite that success, not everyone who registered their interest with us when our campaign was first launched has been able to be to receive a superfast service.  For example, BiGDiG is aware that some properties to the west of Kilgwrrwg are not yet able to receive a connection.  We have met with Spectrum Internet to discuss this issue and they are currently investigating an innovative scheme that may resolve the difficulty in reaching these homes.  Ensuring that all parts of our community are able to benefit from superfast broadband remains our primary objective. 

Looking to the future...

BiGDiG is not only seeking ways to extend the current service,  it also aims to make further improvements in terms of both speed and reliability.  Furthermore, we intend to ensure that the local infrastructure is future-proof so that residents and businesses in the Devauden area are able to take advantage of new internet technologies when they become available.

At present most of Spectrum's customers in Devauden receive a fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) broadband connection.  This means that fibre optic cabling brings the superfast broadband connection from the exchange in Wolvesnewton to the cabinet by the bus stop in the village.  Then ordinary copper wiring in your telephone line is used to connect the router in your home to the cabinet.  This last stage of the journey is what slows down the traffic and the further you are from the cabinet (i.e. the longer the length of copper wiring) the slower your broadband will be.  Relying on the old copper wiring also means that there are limits to any future improvements in speed.

A preferable approach would be to install fibre to the premises (FTTP).   This involves running a new fibre optic cable from the cabinet directly to your home and means that you could receive an extremely fast service that is capable of handling the massive volumes of data that will eventually be required by the internet.

The BiGDiG team did investigate a FTTP solution for Devauden when it was shortlisting providers for its scheme but at that time the costs associated with laying the cables were very high.  However, Spectrum Internet has recently made some progress towards FTTP elsewhere and we believe that FTTP could be available to businesses in Devauden in the very near future.  This would obviously help to pave the way for FTTP to be delivered to homes in Devauden.

We will keep you informed about these developments as they unfold.



First Homes Connected 20th March 2013

On Wednesday March 20th, the BiGDiG project took a huge step forward when the first residents - in Devauden, Kilgwrrwg and New Inn - were provided with their brand new, superfast broadband connections. Service provider Spectrum Internet was on hand, installing routers as requested and testing each link to make sure that performance and reliability was as expected. <more>.




Welsh Government Offer of Funding Letters  24th December 2012

The Welsh Government has now written to the households in the BiGDiG area that have applied for grants from the Broadband Support Scheme.

They've started digging!

Application Deadline Extended to November 5th

We've had a really strong response from the community, with over 100 households submitting Welsh Government grant applications for our community bid. Obviously we would like as many as we can get, so we've extended our deadline to November 5th to allow those that want to be a part of BiGDiG to get their forms done and - just as importantly - their speed checks completed.

Spectrum Internet Sponsor Devauden Bonfire Night

The Chepstow-based broadband service provider Spectrum Internet has kindly sponsored this year's Devauden Bonfire Night.    Click here for details.

11th October 2012 - Press Release

BiGDiG and Spectrum Internet have issued a joing press release.  Press Release (pdf)

8th October 2012 - Community Meeting

The next BiGDiG community meeting is organised for Friday 12th October, at Devauden Village Hall from 7.30pm. Refreshments will be available.

1st October 2012 - BiG News from BiGDiG

Great news from the BiGDiG campaign. After a lengthy and thorough selection process we have chosen Spectrum Internet to supply our communities with greatly improved broadband services. Work to secure funding and build out the new infrastructure starts immediately.
Spectrum has committed to delivering a minimum of 4 Mbps services to your home. To put that into some perspective, that is easily fast enough to stream television and movies from services like iPlayer and NetFlix. Or, to put it another way, it's about 2 to 4 times faster than the average broadband experience in our area today. And that's the minimum. In fact, many of those registered with BiGDiG will benefit from significantly better services - 10 to 15 times faster.  
The improved broadband speeds will only be available when you subscribe to services from Spectrum Internet. We'll update you in more detail on what to expect at a series of public meetings - the first of which  will be Sunday 7th October. More of this later.
The first urgent task is to secure the funding - and this is where we need your help.  Please could you speed test your current broadband service so that we can prove to the funding bodies, particularly the Welsh Government, that you are eligible for grant aid. We've made this really simple. Here's what you do:

  •  Go to BiGDiG's speed test page, and follow the simple instructions
  •  Submit three separate tests, each on a different day and time slot. You will need a morning test, an afternoon test and an evening test.
  • That's it!

We will store your speed test results, and we hope to be able to submit them on your behalf as part of the grant application process. We will not share your personal data with anyone else without your permission.
We have also attached a Welsh Government grant form, already partly completed by us to save you effort, and a complementary form from Spectrum Internet to indicate that in due course you would be prepared to commit to the new services. You can find a crib sheet for filling the forms here . But get your speed checks done first!
We are going to be running a series of meetings and workshops in partnership with Spectrum. This will be an opportunity to meet our new service provider, catch up with the BiGDiG team, and get answers to all of your questions about services, prices and processes. It's also the place to get help with speed checks, grant forms etc. We'll do as many meetings as we need to, but the first one is already organised:  Sunday 7th, at Devauden Village Hall from 3.00pm.
Our goal is to submit a community bid to the Welsh Government, complete with forms from at least 90 BiGDiG households, before the 31st October. Time is of the essence - so please get speed testing!


22nd August 2012 - Update

The BiGDiG team have been continuing their efforts to bring superfast broadband to our area.  A RFP (request for proposal) document has been sent to potential suppliers and we are expecting several responses before the 14th September deadline.  The most appropriate solution will  then be chosen and this will be presented to the public shortly afterwards.  Details of this event will be sent to your nearer the time.  Once a final decision has been reached we will need as many subscribers as possible to complete application forms for the Welsh Government's Broadband Support Scheme.  BiGDiG volunteers will be available to help you with this.

We have held detailed discussions with suppliers who offer a variety of possible infrastructures for deploying superfast broadband in rural areas.  Specifically, wireless, FTTC (fibre to the cabinet) and FTTP (fibre to the premises) solutions are being considered.  We remain confident that a greatly improved broadband service can be achieved for our communities within the next few months.

7th July 2012 - Devauden Fete

Join us at Devauden Fete on Saturday 7th July from 2pm to 5.30pm  The BiGDiG organisers will be on-hand to talk to you about the project and our progress so far.  Please call in at the BiGDiG stall for a chat and to shelter from the relentless blazing sunshine (probably).  Visit for details.

6th July 2012 - Progress Report

We issued our RFI (Request for Information) document at the end of May and subsequently met with several potential suppliers specialising in a range of different technologies (fibre to the home, wireless etc.).  Three of these companies gave formal responses to the RFI and this information was used to produce BiGDiG's application to Monmouthshire County Council for their Local  Broadband Development Scheme grant.  This was submitted at the end of June and the Council's grant panel is due to meet on 16th July. In the coming weeks we shall be putting together a detailed RFP (Request for Proposal) to send to the various companies who could  provide the service we require.   

30th May 2012 - Public Meeting

Thanks to everyone who came to the BiGDiG public meeting in Devauden Village Hall.  Over 40 enthustiastic local residents attended and we had some valuable contributions during the discussion.


17th May 2012 - BiGDiG Launch

The BiGDiG project was officially launched at the 2012 Devauden Music Fest.  Many thanks to the festival organisers for allowing us to pitch our stall on 17th and 18th May.  We spoke to many local residents about the project and we boosted our number of registrations to nearly 100 households and businesses.

BiGDiG at Devauden Music Festival
BiGDiG representatives Peter Kenington and Andy Williams
at the 2012 Devauden Music Festival.